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KFIT will be closing its operations from 22nd August 2019. We thank you for being a part of our KFIT journey. For future fitness activities, please visit

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What is KFit?

The KFit app helps you to discover, plan and book fitness, beauty and wellness activities near you. Browse through various categories and activities happening today and the whole week. Download our mobile app to access a huge variety of activities, whether you want to relax at a spa, pamper yourself with a new haircut or go for a workout at a studio near you.


  • Benefit 1

    Push harder and go longer to get through the tough moments with a workout buddy by your side.

  • Benefit 2

    A celebration, break up or just for fun, you don’t need a reason to look fabulous.

  • Benefit 3
    to Connect

    Escape the outside world into the serenity of a spa and reconnect with the people you love.

Workout anywhere and everywhere

KFit in the news

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    This start-up is shaking up the fitness industry - KFit allows members to try new things everyday.

  • News2

    KFit is working to grow awareness and access to fitness rather than simply offer a better deal for those who already work out.

  • News3

    In addition to conventional gyms and studios, the startup also gives customers access to a wider choice of fitness facilities including badminton and tennis courts as well as swimming pools.

  • News4

    KFit is working to grow awareness and access to fitness rather than simply offer a better deal for those who already work out.

  • News5

    For a casual gym user who had his first experience of a gym when he was 19, Neoh is fired up to enable as many Asians as possible to join gyms, have fun while getting into better shape, or to just keep fit and encourage their friends to follow suit. When that happens, expect the 1% Asian gym membership needle to move.

  • News6

    The new startup is hoping to pull in people who wouldn’t really consider signing up to a gym because they’d be terrified of being forced into slogging on the machines for a year in order to get value for money.


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